George Romney Oil Painting Reproduction

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     George Romney


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George Romney Miss Willoughby oil painting artist
  Painting ID::   3568
Miss Willoughby
1781-1802 National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.


George Romney Mrs Mary Robinson oil painting artist
  Painting ID::   3569
Mrs Mary Robinson
1781 Wallace Collection, London


George Romney Lady Hamilton in a Straw Hat oil painting artist
  Painting ID::   3570
Lady Hamilton in a Straw Hat
1785 Henry E.Huntington Art Gallery, San Marino,California


George Romney Self-Portrait oil painting artist
  Painting ID::   26954
mk52 1782 Oil on canvas 125.7x99.1cm National Portrait Gallery,London


George Romney Mrs.Harriet Greer oil painting artist
  Painting ID::   29348
Mrs.Harriet Greer
mk65 1781 Oil on canvas 30x25"


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     George Romney
1734-1802 George Romney Galleries By 1757 he was becoming well-known as a portraitist. He fell ill during his apprenticeship and was nursed back to health by Mary Abbott, daughter of his landlady. In 1762, by which time he was married with two children, he went to London, and saw early success with a painting, The Death of General Wolfe which won a prize from the Royal Society of Arts. Romney soon had a thriving portrait business in Long Acre. Despite his great success George Romney was never invited to join the Royal Academy nor did he ever apply to join. While there has been much speculation about his relationship with the Academy there is no doubt that he normally remained aloof maintaining that a good artist should succeed without being a member. His own career certainly supported this belief and it was only towards the end of his life that he expressed the slightest regret for his views Portrait of Miss Juliana Willoughby, 1781-83 (National Gallery of Art, Washington DC) Emma Hamilton as a bacchante by George Romney, 1785In 1773 he travelled to Italy with fellow artist Ozias Humphrey to study art in Rome and Parma, returning to London in 1775 to resume business, this time in Cavendish Square (in a house formerly owned by noted portraitist Francis Cotes). In 1782 he met Emma Hamilton (then called Emma Hart) who became his muse. He painted over 60 portraits of her in various poses, sometimes playing the part of historical or mythological figures. He also painted many other contemporaries, including fellow artist Mary Moser. After an absence of almost forty years, he returned to his family in Kendal in the summer of 1799. He was greeted by his loyal, devoted and unquestioning wife. George Romney is a kinsman of Mitt Romney, U.S politician.