Blake, William Oil Painting Reproduction

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     Blake, William


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Blake, William The Circle of the Life of Man oil painting artist
  Painting ID::   50849
The Circle of the Life of Man


Blake, William madonnan med jed jesusbarnet i egypten oil painting artist
  Painting ID::   56475
madonnan med jed jesusbarnet i egypten
mk248 en av fyra likra liknande malningar som blake gjorde for att tacka mecenat, tbomas butts, som stodde bonom genom att lata sin son fa teckningslektioner bos bonom, blake tyckte att det var mer etiskt att mala med vattenbaserade temperafrger an eferson de stallde storre krav pa konstnarns skivkligbret.


Blake, William newton oil painting artist
  Painting ID::   56476
mk248 i detta stora,myckrt avabcerade faryck cisaac newton ar fullt upptgen med att eatisera universum med bjalp av en passare. blake bar delat upp bakgrunden i en ljus ocb en mork del ovb vill darmed antyda att den store matematikern ovb fysikern inte astadkom upplysning utan en gudlos andlos natt. blake trodde att endast konstnarer bade formagn till gudomlig insikt ocb attsjalen alltid kampade for att befria sig fran fornuftetes ocb den org aniserase religionens bojor.


Blake, William Nebuchadnezzar oil painting artist
  Painting ID::   62536
1795 Copper engraving with pen and ink and watercolour, 446 x 620 mm Tate Gallery, London Blake produced in the mid-1790s a series of large colour prints on themes of oppression, one of which is Nebuchadnezzar. This plate depicts the animal state to which man had been reduced after the Fall, so vividly personified in the crouching form and sullen stare of his Nebuchadnezzar. Author: BLAKE, William Title: Nebuchadnezzar Form: graphics , 1751-1800 , English , other


Blake, William The Descent of Christ oil painting artist
  Painting ID::   62540
The Descent of Christ
1804-20 Etching with pen, watercolour and gold, 219 x 159 mm Yale Center for British Art, New Haven This is Plate 35 of the illustrated poem Jerusalem. In this early page of Jerusalem, the sleeping Albion is visited by Christ, who awakens his dormant desire for salvation. Though Albion is not yet conscious of Christ's sacrifice, its promise is foreshadowed by the new body that begins to emerge from his breast. Author: BLAKE, William Title: The Descent of Christ Form: graphics , 1751-1800 , English , religious


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     Blake, William
William Blake was an English poet, painter was born November 28, 1757, in London William Blake started writing poems as a boy, many of them inspired by religious visions. Apprenticed to an engraver as a young man, Blake learned skills that allowed him to put his poems and drawings together on etchings, and he began to publish his own work. Throughout his life he survived on small commissions, never gaining much attention from the London art world. His paintings were rejected by the public