All Aragon jose Rafael 's Paintings
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53727 Albamadonnan  Albamadonnan   mk234 approximately 1510.95 cm in diameter
42652 Albums Madonna  Albums Madonna   MK169 ca. 1510 Cloth diameter 94.5cm National Gallery or Art. Washington DC,.
53730 Bindo Altoviti  Bindo Altoviti   mk234 about 1515 60x44cm
97845 Courting at a Ring Shaped Pastry Stall at the Seville Fair  Courting at a Ring Shaped Pastry Stall at the Seville Fair   Oil on canvas. 35 x 30 cm. Inv. CTB.1995.117 cyf
31861 El Alma de la Virgen  El Alma de la Virgen   mk77 c.1840-60 Tempera and gesso on wood 11 3/8x8 1/2in Museum of International Folk Art.
97873 En la feria  En la feria   Oil on canvas, 47.5 x 64 cm, Museo Carmen Thyssen Mxlaga, Inv. CTB.1988.14 cyf
56825 In sound of smacking lips Surrey  Custy in Austria  In sound of smacking lips Surrey Custy in Austria   mk250 Approximately in 1514. The plank oil painting shifts to the canvas on, approximately 76.8 x 67.3 centimeters. Paris Louvre.
56824 Jialateya  Jialateya   mk250 Italy Seoul Roman villa in Cyprus Office of Jialateya, the year 1513. Frescoes 294.7 x 226.1 cm.
53728 Little Cowpermadonnan  Little Cowpermadonnan   mk234 1505 60x45cm
62020 Notre Dame and the goldfinch  Notre Dame and the goldfinch   mk276 1506 Oil on canvas 107 x 77cm Florence Museum
56822 Notre Dame s wedding  Notre Dame s wedding   mk250 From the Italian Florence nearby west tower ?? ?? Kasi Tayloe's Saint Fang Jige churches San Jose church, in 1504. Plank oil painting, 170.2 x 118.2 centimeters. Milan lays mines pulls the drawing hall.
56823 On the lawn of Our Lady  On the lawn of Our Lady   mk250 Year in 1505. Canvas board, 113 x 87 cm. Vienna Art History Museum.
62022 Our Lady of the grass  Our Lady of the grass   mk276 1505 Oil on canvas 113 x 88cm Vienna Museum of Art
53726 St. Goran and the Dragon  St. Goran and the Dragon   mk234 1504-06 28x22cm
42653 Stanza della Segnatura with the School of Athens  Stanza della Segnatura with the School of Athens   MK169 1509-11 Vatican, Rome
41963 The Belle Jardiniere  The Belle Jardiniere   mk166 1507 I Wave on wood 122x80cm Museum of the Louvre, Paris
56281 the coto paxi,ecuador  the coto paxi,ecuador   mk247 1874,oil on canvas,museo guillermo perez chiriboga del banco central,quito ,ecuador
41983 The Madonna of the canopy  The Madonna of the canopy   mk166 1507 I Wave on board of wood 279x217cm Galeria Palace Pitti, Florence
41962 The Madonna of the goldfinch  The Madonna of the goldfinch   mk166 1506 I Wave on board of wood 107x77,2cm Uffizi, Florence
53729 The School of Athens  The School of Athens   mk234 1510-11 772cm wide bottom langs
42659 The transfiguratie  The transfiguratie   MK169 1517 panel 460x280cm Musei Vaticani Rome
58152 Women wear the veil  Women wear the veil   mk261 Florence, Palatina Gallery, Pitti Palace, in 1912 No. 245.

Aragon jose Rafael
b.c.1795 d. 1862