All Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell 's Paintings
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39360 Afternoon  Afternoon   mk117 1913 Oil on canvas 101.5x127cm
39368 Cassis  Cassis   mk147 1923/4 Oil on canvas 76x63.5
39369 Cassis  Cassis   mk147 1923/4 Oil on plywood 44.8x37.2
39363 Interior of Iona Abbey  Interior of Iona Abbey   mk147 c.1925 Oil on canvas 70x50.8
39371 Lady in Black  Lady in Black   mk147 c.1925 Oil on canvas 101.6x76.2
39373 Lunga from Lona  Lunga from Lona   mk147 c.1926 Oil on canvas 51x77.2
39320 Mythical Scene  Mythical Scene   mk147 c.1907 Scottish National Gallery of Moden Art
39370 Negro  Negro   mk147 c.1922 Oil on canvas 76.6x63.9
39364 Portrait of a Lady in Black  Portrait of a Lady in Black   mk147 c.1921 Oil on canvas 76.3x63.5 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.
74416 Rugby Player  Rugby Player   The Rugby Player; Oil on canvas; 30 x 25 inches Date Unknown cyf
39313 Self-Portrait  Self-Portrait   mk147 c.1914 on loan to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.
39321 St.Mark-s Square,Venice  St.Mark-s Square,Venice   mk147 1910
39358 Still Life with White Teapot  Still Life with White Teapot   mk147 1913 Oil on canvas 48x61
39361 The Black Hat  The Black Hat   mk147 1914 Oil on cavas 107x84.5
39367 The Blue Fan  The Blue Fan   mk147 c.1928 Oil on canvas 61x50.5
39365 The Gold Chair  The Gold Chair   mk147 c.1921 Oil on canvas 60.9x50.8
39359 The Model  The Model   mk147 c.1912 Oil on canvas 127.2x101.6
39362 The North End,Iona  The North End,Iona   mk147 c.1914 Oil on canvas 36x44cm
39372 The Orange Blind  The Orange Blind   mk147 c.1927 Oil on canvas 112x86.5
39366 The Red Chair  The Red Chair   mk147 c.1928 Oil on canvas 63.5x76
92196 The Vase of Water  The Vase of Water   1922. Oil on canvas, by Francis Cadell. Date 1922(1922) cyf

Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell
Scottish, 1883-1937, was a Scottish painter associated with the Scottish Colourists. Francis Cadell was born in Edinburgh and, from the age of 16, studied in Paris at the Academie Julian, where he was in contact with the French avant-garde of the day. While in France, his exposure to work by the early Fauvists, and in particular Matisse, proved to be his most lasting influence. After his return to Scotland, he was a regular exhibitor in Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as in London. He painted landscapes, interiors, still life and figures in both oil and watercolour, but he is particularly noted for his portraits, depicting his subject with vibrant waves of colour. He enjoyed the landscape of Iona enormously, which he first visited in 1912 and features prominently in his work.