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71700 David Leavitt  David Leavitt   between 1820(1820) and 1825(1825) Oil on panel 83.9 x 65 cm (33.03 x 25.59 in)
71844 Maria Clarissa Leavitt  Maria Clarissa Leavitt   between 1820(1820) and 1825(1825) Oil on panel 84.3 x 64.8 cm (33.19 x 25.51 in)
73117 Maria Clarissa Leavitt  Maria Clarissa Leavitt   Date between 1820(1820) and 1825(1825) Medium Oil on panel Dimensions 84.3 X 64.8 cm (33.19 X 25.51 in) cyf
72061 Mrs James K Bogert Jr  Mrs James K Bogert Jr   Date ca. 1819(1819) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 83.3 X 65.5 cm (32.8 X 25.79 in) cyf
70986 Mrs. James K. Bogert, Jr.  Mrs. James K. Bogert, Jr.   ca. 1819(1819) Oil on canvas 83.3 x 65.5 cm (32.8 x 25.79 in)
51333 Old Pat  Old Pat   mk218 1819 Line engraving 18x12.5cm
60117 Prague  Prague   mk270 in the 18th and 19th centuries prague was one of the main musical capitals of europe. this scene of the old square is as it was in the days when mozart walked its streets, and would have been familiar to czechoslovakia s two great national composers dvorak and smetana.

Samuel Lovett Waldo
American Painter, 1783-1861 American painter. After attending a country school and working on his father farm, he decided at the age of 16 to become an artist. He took lessons from Joseph Steward (1753-1822), a retired minister who operated a portrait studio in Hartford, CT. Waldo opened his own studio in Hartford in 1803, before moving on to paint portraits in Litchfield, CT, and Charleston, SC. In 1806, bearing letters of introduction to Benjamin West and John Singleton Copley, Waldo travelled to London, where he studied at the Royal Academy. His portrait of Mr M Dougle (untraced) was shown at the Royal Academy in 1808.